The MSLR E-Foil "Navigator" is built from composite and carbon fibre to achieve maximum strength and durability over time. Inside the table is the waterproof box with IP68 certification, where the battery and electronics are located. The foil is designed in a single piece from pure high density carbon fibre. The MSLR comes with everything you need to start foiling including a new carbon fibre board, carbon foil system, surf board bag and foil bag. If you would like to purchase extra batteries no problem just add to cart.


MSLR E-Foil 2020 "Navigator" Package Includes:


1 MSLR E-Foil 2020 Surfboard

1 MSLR Surfboard Bag

1 MSLR Foil Bag

1 MSLR Travel Bag

1 Lithium Ion Battery pack

1 Lithium Ion Battery Charger

1 Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Remote Controller

1 Wireless Controller Charger

1 Mast & Propellar

1 Front Wing

1 Stabliser Wing

1 Fuselage


Mast Sizes are available in 90 cm or 70 cm

MSLR E-Foil "The Navigator" Long Board

Mast Size
  • The MSLR E-Foil battery is composed of 224 cells model 18650 from Samsung. It has temperature control, over voltage and information about the useful life.

    With 40 Ah. provides the engine with a 1.5h autonomy in Eco mode and 1.15h in Sport mode.

    The battery is encapsulated inside a waterproof box of carbon fiber with IP68 certification, completely water resistant.

  • The engine has been designed to respond efficiently to the needs of the user transmitting smooth and adapted power to each user.

    With 3500 KW of power, the electronic system controls the delivery of power received from the remote control. It has two driving modes: Sport and Eco, so that each experience is unique.

    The small dimension of the motor minimizes the resistance and allows to take advantage of kinetic energy when decreasing the power. The propeller is designed to provide maximum thrust, made of aluminum and protected to avoid contact.

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MSLR Electric E-Foil is designed and built by passionate surfers and water enthusiasts!

Experience Electric E-Foil eco friendly Flight! It’s an incredible feeling that everyone should - and can experience. 

Our E-Foils and are made of Top Quality Components. We manufacture, sell - and educate everyone on the wonderful new sport of Electric E-Foiling. 

Come Fly with US! 

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