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Check out MSLR CNBC News Article Featuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg as they talk about MSLR E-Foils and the Industry. Stoked!


Nothing is Impossible

Chris Koch, a farm boy turned world traveler, has set out on his latest adventure bringing his "If I Can" message global. Check out Chris E-Foiling with The MSLR crew in the Video Below. Mind blowing doesn't even cover it... Check out the TV News Story On Global TV Here


Pavel Barber

3 x Canadian National Athlete Pavel Barber drops by the MSLR Office and goes for a rip. Pavel is a stick handling specialist and one of the top Performance Hockey Trainers in the World. Check out Pavel's Instagram Channel Below.


Epic times

Our good Pal Trent Kitsch of Kitsch Wines taking his first flight on the MSLR Electric E-Foil Package. Check out what TK had to say and learn more about TK from the links below!.



Experience the Worlds Best Personal Watercraft E-Foil on the Market Today. Choose from our two E-Foil sizes available in 5'5 and 6'5. MSLR Patented E-Foils have the Tallest Masts in the Industry flying on top of water at heights of 70 & 90 Cm. Purchase today the Number 1 Sophisticated E-Foil in the Industry.

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MSLR Electric E-Foil is designed and built by passionate surfers and water enthusiasts!

Experience Electric E-Foil eco friendly Flight! 

It’s an incredible feeling that everyone should - and can experience. Our E-Foils are made of Top Quality Components. We manufacture, sell - and educate everyone on the wonderful new sport of Electric E-Foiling. 

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Glides Effortlessly

Boat Chop? No Problem our 90cm Mast option lets you glide effortlessly over top of Boat Waves! We have the Tallest Mast in the E-Foil Industry. Test ride our premium E-Foils today and Book a Flight Today.


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Our MSLR Electric E-Foil kits are absolutely stunning. Our Premium Kits include everything you need to start your E-Foiling career. Check out one of our unboxing videos here!


How it's made

The MSLR E-Foil is built from composite and carbon fibre to achieve maximum strength and durability. Inside the MSLR E-Foil is an IP68 certified waterproof battery box which also contains the electronics. Who can use the MSLR E-Foil? Our products are designed for anyone from young kids to adults. Our E-foils are super easy to ride/fly. You will be enjoying an incredible experience with in minutes. ​Riding an MSLR E-Foil is an experience like no other. It's a feeling of stoke. After your session you are left with a feeling that is unexplainable...


Safety First

The goal is to make sure you will enjoy one of the most fun activities in the world while keeping your safety and everyone around you's safety as the number one priority.


Easy to learn

One of the easiest sports to learn and most gratifying. We've had clients who have never been on a Surfboard or Foil Board in their life. Once they hop on an MSLR Electric E-Foil it's one of the most rewarding experiences they can have...


Easy Setup

In this video we explain how to properly set up your new MSLR Electric E-Foil for Use and Travel.


The MSLR custom lithium-ion battery pack is  built for rugged marine environments. The battery is a Samsung 224 cell unit, with temperature control and voltage sensors. Its 36 Amp hours provides the engine with around 60 minutes of operation depending on conditions like rider weight and speed control.. The battery is encapsulated inside a complete waterproof carbon fibre box with IP68 certification. 




Constructed with 3K Carbon Fibre

Samsung Lithium Battery

Weight 16 KG

Approx 60 Minutes of Epic Flight Time

Ride time and distance can be slightly affected by a variety of factors, such as ride speed, rider weight, water & conditions.

Come Fly with MSLR Electric E-Foil

Once you experience a flight with the MSLR E-Foil, it will change your life.